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cardiff life drawing
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I was working with today Make his insta your go to for something to be awed by and to be an inspiration to... Harry has been at the top of the life art pile for fifty years and more...... (More)
Well, as of our next session we are fully compliant with the actual law in Wales and can accommodate up to 15 people at our highly successful life drawing sessions in central Cardiff. We've been back for a few weeks,... (More)
We worked our way through some short poses yesterday before bedding down for the 'Long Pose'... What a super fine evening with genuinely lovely people in a friendly and relaxed environment. I just love this group at the mo :)... (More)
In order to work around the Facebook shadow ban whilst the court proceedings rumble on I've set up a NEW Facebook page 'Cardiff Life Drawing'. Please like the NEW PAGE by following this link - I will post to... (More)