Yes, we’re drawing the line under this…
Covid policy needs to be clear, concise and easy to understand, something that the UK and Welsh Governments have consistently failed to achieve. We think deliberately. To confuse and obfuscate. To mislead, to muddle and to mystify.

So, this is the Cardiff Life Model Collective policy and our drawing of ‘the line’ that we, and we hope you, will not cross.

1 Masks do not work. We do not demand that artists or models wear masks.

2 We limit sessions to 15 people. This is due to room size and not due to social distancing which has no evidence of efficacy.

3 We will not be locked down at any time in the future. Planned events will happen unless we are forced, by the authorities, to close.

4 We will not work with those who have any part in ‘medical apartheid’. We regard any policy by any person or business that demands vaccination as unacceptable and that person or business will be blacklisted.

5 Vaccine passports are our route to digital surveillance, Chinese style. We will NEVER ask for information about your health and we will not offer up your or our details to the state through compliance with totalitarianism.

Bottom Lines
Therefore, if you wish to bubble with only the vaccinated, with those fearful of Covid 19, that is your choice. We do not want you at our sessions.

If you run a business that requires vaccination for staff or that will ask for sight of a vaccine passport for entry, or similar, Cardiff Life Model Collective will not work with you.

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