Well, as of our next session we are fully compliant with the actual law in Wales and can accommodate up to 15 people at our highly successful life drawing sessions in central Cardiff.

We've been back for a few weeks, getting into the swing of things and delivering memorable classes. Do go to 'Sessions' for images from these.

We were allowed to work in this way as our sessions have been for education of artists and form part of a flexible and in house certificated course. For more details please have a read through the info in 'Classroom'.

We expect that those fearful of the wrath of them in the Welsh Ass. will begin to return. This could mean that for the time being there will be pressure on our maximum number of artists that can be accommodated, which by law, and in actuality, is fifteen.

We therefore urge all to book in advance in order to not disappoint. When they're gone, they're gone...


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