WELCOME all artists, models and interested parties! This is OUR space, away from the idiocy and illegality at fb, away from the duplicitous pornographers at instagram and away from the anger at twitter.

This is a friendly place for artists and life models primarily based in Wales but hey, we'll reach out to the rest of the world too. This is OUR space. No data collection, no advertising, no owning of your work.

And the great thing too - no trampolining cats to distract you. This is focused. This is networking. This is sharing. This is OUR space!

RULES norms of friendly internet use apply. Abuse, trolling, advertising and posting of stuff that is not compatible with the community and harassment of any member will all result in a lifetime ban.

BOOK your event - click on 'Tickets!' and book your spot. Pre booking for our life drawing events is now compulsory and is a management and care issue, managing numbers and knowing how many drinks to order :)

POST your work in 'Drawings'

PLAY with the communities functionality - it runs on 'topics' and on 'groups'

FOLLOW as members can't like members but you can 'follow' and message them

We'll be adding groups and topics as the members here grow in number as well as interactive elements, rewards, private groups and membership deals.

Join Us!