The Cardiff Life Model Collective Atelier Award

To complete the award students must have attended all ten of the tutor led sessions as well as a further ten sessions of personal portfolio work.

There is no 'judging' of students work. Students can work at their own pace and in the main with materials of their choice.

This course is ideal for those aiming to build a portfolio to assist with college or university applications. It is great for those working artists who wish to be encouraged to try different materials. It is perfect for those who need instruction/refreshing in certain drawing skills such as 'hands' or 'measuring'.

There is no start date. This is because we have rolling programme of both tutored and sketch practice sessions. You miss a tutored session, say on 'hands' and you can catch up with it a few months later when it repeats.

There is no end date. Take as long as you wish.

Upon enrolling you will be linked to a google doc which we will use to record your progress. This doc is a tick list of items required to attain the award.

Final pieces from each student for each year will be the showcase items of that years Cardiff Life Model Collective Exhibition.

The award is £15 per person per session OR £275 per person if the 20 session course is paid up front. There is a student discount available but this is limited to a maximum of five students per class. The student discounted rate is £10 ppps and £175 pp if paid up front.

Cardiff Life Model Collective receives no funding from ANYONE and never has. We provide ongoing support and opportunities to models and artists working in South Wales and beyond. We hold two fingers up to the arts establishment and to all that seek to unfairly profit from the labour of life models. We promote artists, the human form and healthy acceptance of our bodies in these strange and demanding times.

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