It's another shout out for another vicarious naked show that I assume will use Benny Hill 1970's style hilarity to gain viewing figures. Where has TV production imagination disappeared to?

Hello Andy,

I’m a TV producer at Avalon UK working on a brand-new programme for Channel 4 where people compete in The Great Nature Run, a naked 3-day race to raise money for a charity of their choice. This fun adventure will involve our competitors navigating their way across the Great British countryside with no money, gadgets or clothes whist trying to make sure that their privates stay private!

We’re actively searching for people with a positive attitude to nudity, that would enjoy putting their creativity and wits to the test, and see what they can find, beg or borrow to help them complete their quest and hopefully win the £5000 charity prize.

I was wondering if this would appeal to any of your Cardiff Life Models? Perhaps you could reach put to your artists, or post our link in your facebook or on your instagram, so anyone interested could apply directly? As this challenge will take place in August, which is just a few weeks away, it would be great to get the ball rolling, so I'd appreciate any feedback as soon as possible.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Cheryl Jackson
Casting Producer