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It's the Cardiff Life Model Classroom, our space to chat about learning and to offer up hints and tips. What materials, to measure or not to measure, big paper or small pad? Those kind of questions will all be answered as we build a fine collection of life drawing resources :) 

We have decided to keep 'The Classroom', our ongoing and never ending course, nice and simple. These are the core sessions, delivered once a month from April each year: 1. Meet the tutor and introductions 2. Measured Drawing 3. Be... (More)
The Cardiff Life Model Collective Atelier Award To complete the award students must have attended all ten of the tutor led sessions as well as a further ten sessions of personal portfolio work. There is no 'judging' of students work.... (More)
What is in a college or university Life Art course? Well, our models have 'sat' through very many of these, delivered across different campus' and by different tutors and we have collated the info and put together what we think... (More)
Welcome - Over the Christmas break I'll be adding the initial resources to this group and then inviting you to join. There is no fee other than the usual event fee. Over the course of a year you will be... (More)